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Going on a camping trip

Volunteering at the food bank. No sleeping.This inspiration was first published in A Daily Dose of Happiness: ( . Just drying dishes for four days straight. You are given a short time to live. saw mills manufacturers How you spend that time is your choice.Imagine spending almost four days in a row standing at the sink drying dishes. Upgrading your career skills. Playing with your children.Some chores we have to do (like washing the dishes).Or you can dry dishes. But some are optional.Now imagine doing something else with that time.

Going on a camping trip. No bathroom breaks.Priorities: Don’t Dry Your DishesBy David Leonhardt Do your dishes really need to be dried, or could you just let the water evaporate? If you spend just 5 minutes per meal drying dishes, that equals a quarter of an hour per day, or 91 hours each year. Savoring the fresh air. You can do a lot in four days